Friendship is the Most Beautiful Gain!

Peşrevzâde continues to grow day by day. So, with the high demand of the Peşrevzâde brand, the team finally started to serve its guests in the Ataşehir branch.

Peşrevzâde is a company that has succeeded to be one of the favorite brands in the sweet world with its original concept and has proven itself with its products. So, the team is happy with the interests of its guests.

Peşrevzâde sweets, which are constantly liked and followed on both social media and review sites, are produced in the factory with health regulations and conditions and are sent fresh to their branches. In this regard, the most important factor that distinguishes our team from other dessert companies is hygienic production and the use of reliable raw materials in the production process.

Skilful Hands!

On review sites like Foursquare, Peşrevzâde guests share their experiences with other users. So, these users are showing the commitment to the Peşrevzâde sweets, but also Turkey’s most popular dessert shops also show their trust regarding Peşrevzâde.

Our motto is “Skill is in Our Hands!“, which continues to serve with the well-known slogan and continues to provide its guests with a stronger satisfaction in the Ataşehir branch.

I have not eaten so beautiful kunefe in life and have not seen so many kinds like these!!!

We are waiting for you to our nearest Peşrevzâde branch to try our desserts and pastries…