Inventor of Special Flavors Peşrevzâde

Peşrevzade, which serves in Konya and has many products from cheese pastries to dozens of künefes, and all these draw intense attention.

The inventor of special flavors in the Peşrevzade Konya Branch, Emre Özdoğan is saying that he will continue to invent special products that are going to be the first ones in Turkey and we will continue to offer them here.

Konya Branch Owner Emre Özdoğan, says that Peşrevzade is Gaziantep based firm with branches in all over Turkey, and adds “Most branches of our company are in Istanbul, but our firm’s history is based in Gaziantep. Peşrevzade started with a wholesale baklava production, and then continued by giving dealerships.”
Our company has made important popularity with the Adana pastry in the Sirkeci branch. The founders of our brand have been sweet producers since the past, they also included kunefe in the pastry production. They have determined a concept such as pastry in the daytime and dessert in the evening and started to work in this system. The name of Peshrevzade has gradually increased its popularity over time and today it serves in many cities in Turkey. Our company is famous for using all-natural first-class materials from Turkey.
Peşrevzade products are very ideal especially for those who have stomach problems and have difficulty in digesting heavy desserts. Emre also adds “Our story of meeting Peşrevzade started with our visit to the branches in Istanbul. We were sure to go with this unique flavor and decided to bring the brand to Konya. And now we are here, for about 3 months ago, we opened our branch in Şefikcan road in Konya”.


Stating that there are many kinds of products in the name of breakfast, pastry, and dessert, Emre Özdoğan said, “As Peşrevzade, we serve our customers with many products. Our breakfast plate, which includes the Peşrevzade pastry. Breakfast varieties and the casserole dishes with flavors that are our invention are especially preferred on weekends. We have 7 different types of pastry. We have a variety of pastries, with olives, cheese, potatoes, bacon, ground beef, and spinach. In the dessert group, we prepare our künefe with the concept of “you dream, we will do it”. Our künefes with apricots, figs, blackberries, chocolate, and cream are very popular.


The fluid cheese pie became popular in the recent years in Turkey, so we named it a ‘Peşrev Böreği’. So, Emre says that this was invented for the first time by them, “Peşrevzade is a company that is operating since 1877. The inventor of Peşrev pastry is also our company. During the baklava production, there were always pieces left over from the dough. In order not to waste, our masters were making additions on the pastry with the dough, and they found out that it had a nice flavor. So, that is how the “Peşrev Böreği” was made. This pastry, which has appeared with fluid cheese, recently is known as a new product, but it is a tradition that has been going on for years in our company. ”